Members Present:        The following Directors were present and acting:

  • Krall, President
  • Gary Osteen
  • Brock Knez
  • Jodi Lightfoot
  • Mike Lomas

District Manager:

  • Kasey O’Halloran


  • Mary Andre, CDC


Call to Order:                 The Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors of Timbers Water & Sanitation District was called to order by President Dr. Krall on June 8, 2020 at 5:38 pm, noting a quorum was present.


Minutes:                         The Board reviewed the regular meeting minutes from May 2020 meeting. Upon motion duly made by Ms. Lightfoot and seconded by Dr. Krall, it was

RESOLVED to approve the meeting minutes.


Financials:                     The Board reviewed the financial statements for May 2020. Upon motion duly made by Mr. Osteen and seconded by Mr. Knez, it was

RESOLVED to approve the financial statements.


Invoices:                           Invoices for May 2020 were reviewed.  Upon motion duly made by Ms. Lightfoot and seconded by Mr. Osteen, it was

RESOLVED to approve payment of the open invoices.


Transfer of funds from TWSD to TWSWA Enterprise:

Mrs. O’Halloran requested a $5,000 transfer. Dr. Krall made a motion which was seconded by Mr. Osteen and the motion passed unanimously.

District Manager Update:

Tim Gibbons has asked the Board how they would like him to proceed repairing a broken in-line valve. The Board has asked that he get a quote to get it completed and if the quote is more then $2,000, it should be reviewed by the Board. Mrs. O’Halloran asked the Board what they would like to do the Brown’s Hill proposal for remote access to the WTP now that the bill has come through. Mr. Lomas and Mr. Knez would like to get remote access set up. Ms. Andre proposed that the Board wait until the WWTP is completed and get both plants set up simultaneously, thus saving some travel fees. The Board agree to this. Mrs. O’Halloran asked the Board if they would like to find a replacement for her while she at home with her new child that is due to come in a few weeks or if they are okay with her working remotely and attending meetings remotely for a few months. The Board agreed she should work remotely.  Mrs. O’Halloran went over a document she created that better outlines the Cash Flow situation the Board is in. This sheet identifies that by the end of 2020, there should be approximately $183,000 in reserves. Dr. Krall has asked that the Board consider, over the next month, what they would like to see done with this money. Some suggestions he made are to pay off the NRWA loan, save the money for the Dam work, save the money for the reclamation work, use the money for water meters or just leave the money in reserves. It is a further discussion to be had at the July and August meetings.


New Business:               Officer Election– Tabled until July or August when meeting is in person. Dr. Krall has asked the Board to consider a transition of his presidency and spot on the Board. He stated that his term ends next May and he would like to transition his obligation as a president to someone else.

Old Business:                WWTP Overtopping Pond – John Fitzgerald has continued to monitor the overtopping problem. As of today, it has stopped overtopping but exists just below the rim. He will continue to check every day to make sure until the lagoons are back to normal levels. The expedition of the test results has been stopped so it takes a few weeks to get the results back however it seems that the additional testing could be ending soon. CDPHE has not required that the pond be lowered so costs are much lower than they could have been otherwise.

                                          WWTP Construction Update – A Xerxes tank was set today, and the building is all framed in. A lot of progress has been made in a small-time frame. Mr. Lomas would like to get the dead trees surrounding the new site taken down. Ms. Andre suggested asking Aslan for a quote to remove the trees.  The Board agreed and asked Ms. Andre to get it back to them for approval. The next construction meeting is next week.  The equipment procurement contract has been signed and Xerxes has agreed to pay the amounts in full. Ms. Lightfoot questioned the dirt that is piling up by the road and it’s intended usage. Ms. Andre will follow up with Tim Maxwell on it at the next construction meeting. Mr. Lomas has asked for a site visit and explanation of the full description of the project. Ms. Andre will get that arranged.  Dr. Krall suggested having an open house after the WWTP is completed for all the community to attend. Dr. Krall made a motion to pay Aslan’s Pay Request #4, Ms. Lightfoot seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

                                          Water Rights – Ms. Andre is still working on this project. The abandonment of water rights list is to come out soon. She is to get back to the Board on her findings at the next meeting. A summary of the issue at hand: The Division of Water Resources had reached out to Tim Gibbons in regard to missing water meter records. That revealed that there is confusion between the two water rights Timbers has.  One is called Timbers and the other is the Dwight Corder water right.  The state is recommending the abandonment of one of the water rights that is not in use. Ms. Andre would like to figure out what each of these water rights are for before allowing abandonment.  The Board members do not want to abandon any rights if it is not necessary or required. Ms. Lightfoot asked that this get addressed immediately by Ms. Andre.

Dam RFQ – Ms. Andre sent out a draft Dam RFQ and reviewed it with the Board. Board to review and comment via email. If necessary, the Board will hold a quick formal meeting for official approval or put it out next meeting if not possible.

                            With business concluded and upon motion duly and unanimously approved, it was RESOLVED to adjourn the regular meeting the Timbers Water & Sanitation District Board of Directors at 6:56 pm, this 8th day of June 2020.

Respectfully submitted, Kasey O’Halloran

District Manager, Timbers Water and Sanitation District