Members Present:       The following Directors were present and acting:

  • Ron Krall, President
  • Gary Osteen, Vice president – Absent due to work
  • Ash Lesniak
  • Brock Knez
  • Dusty Atkinson


  • Ellen Dalton


  • Mary Andre – CDC

District Manager:

  • Jodi Lightfoot

Call to Order:                     The Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors of Timbers Water & Sanitation District was called to order by President Ron Krall on July 11, 2016 at 5:35pm, noting a quorum was present.

Minutes:                                The Board reviewed the Regular Meeting minutes of the June, 2016 meeting. Upon motion duly made, seconded and unanimously approved, it was

RESOLVED to approve the meeting minutes.

Financials:                           The June 2016 Financial Statements were reviewed. Upon motion duly made, seconded and unanimous, it was

RESOLVED to approve the financials.

Invoices:                               Invoices for June 2016 were reviewed. Upon motion duly made, seconded and unanimously approved, it was

RESOLVED to approve payment of the open invoices.

Old Business:                   

Water Tank Project:

Jodi distributed a summary of costs for various options for the water tank repairs. The board discussed the benefits and disadvantages of each item.

To purchasing a temporary storage vs. a permanent tank.

It was decided that the permanent tank was too expensive and didn’t provide enough advantages to be considered. A temporary steel tank would be reusable and re-sellable.

Paint method –

It was decided to sand blast the interior of the tank down to bare metal and paint the interior per the Engineer specifications. This would provide the best coverage for the surface exposed to the water supply. It was also discussed and determined to continue with the original bid proposal for the exterior to conserve funds. The exterior will be pressure washed using a biodegradable anti-fungal solution and hand tooled clean as necessary, apply one coat of primer and one coat of paint for colder weather.

Ron asked Mary what engineering is still remaining on the project.

Mary said CDC will still need to review of submittals, as-builts, and conduct site visits.

Sanitation Wastewater Treatment Plant:

Survey Bids – 4 bids were received. The bid price rang was pretty substantial. EMS $2,700 it was decided to accept EMS’s survey. The TWSD board asked Jodi to contact Bear form EMS to award the bid and confirmation and lead-time.

PNA:                                          Mary explained the PNA is hinging on the location decision. Ron asked if the PNA could be submitted pending the survey. Mary said there is more planning and legal processing required for the upper site. CDC has been delaying the PNA to make sure the site is feasible.

Ron suggested conducting a teleconference with Randy Ogg to update CDPHE on the project.

Income survey:               The income survey has been started. All the surveys have been printed out with stamped, addressed envelopes. Jodi has hand delivered the first sureys. Jodi asked Dusty Atkinson to help collect the surveys from the condos. These are the most important surveys to collect. Ash suggested either providing beer some evening or a $10 rebate towards the next water bill.

Discharge Permit:         The discharge permit is completed and ready to be submitted. Jodi will collect the appropriate signature and consolidate all the documents, then send to CDPHE

New Business:

Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR):

Ellen informed the board that the CCR needs to be made available to the public. Jodi said it had been posted on the website. Ellen asked if the board would like the document to be mailed to the owners along with the next water bill. Ron asked Jodi to write a letter notifying the owners of the updated water report and informing them of the website, current officers and manager.

No election:                         It was determined that TWSD would not put anything on the next ballot.

RESOLVED to adjourn the Regular Meeting the Timbers Water & Sanitation District and Board of Directors at 7:34p.m., this 11th day of July 2016.


Respectfully submitted,

Jodi Lightfoot

District Manager

Timbers Water and Sanitation District