Members Present:       The following Directors were present and acting:

  • Ron Krall, President
  • Gary Osteen, Vice President – Absent due to work
  • Brock Knez – Absent due to work
  • Ash Lesniak
  • Dusty Atkinson


  • Ellen Dalton


  • Mary Andre – CDC

District Manager:

  • Jodi Lightfoot

Call to Order:                     The Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors of Timbers Water & Sanitation District was called to order by President Ron Krall on August 8, 2016 at 5:44pm, noting a quorum was present.

Minutes:                                The Board reviewed the Regular Meeting minutes of the July, 2016 meeting. Upon motion duly made, seconded and unanimously approved, it was

RESOLVED to approve the meeting minutes.

Financials:                           The July 2016 Financial Statements were reviewed. Upon motion duly made, seconded and unanimous, it was

RESOLVED to approve the financials.

Invoices:                               Invoices for July 2016 were reviewed. Upon motion duly made, seconded and unanimously approved, it was

RESOLVED to approve payment of the open invoices.

Old Business:                   

Water Tank Project tasks:

1)             The Temporary Tank will be delivered in September. The tank manufacture requires a delivery address. Ron said to use his address because it is the closest to the tank location.

2)             Jodi will coordinate with native to offload the pallets containing the temporary tank.

3)             Mary suggested having Native do the overflow work when clearing brush from the tank. Jodi will communicate this request to Native Excavating.

4)             Jodi will coordinate with Tim to reduce the water being stored in the permanent tank prior to filling the smaller temporary tank.

Mary mentioned the requirement in Phase II, coordinating the transferring of water leveling equipment to the temporary tank and back to the old tank once the repairs have been completed. Ron asked if Tim could visually monitor the tank level. Mary said yes, but it would require daily visits for Tim. Mary offered several alternate options.

Tim can transfer the float switches if he feels comfortable doing that.

Ash asked about purchasing a 2nd transmitter and leaving the old one in the permanent tank.

Mary said the continuous pressure sensor at the water treatment plant could possibly be used rather than a sensor up at the water tank.

Jodi will discuss these options with Tim.

6)             Formal contracts for the project need to be submitted to the State

7)             It was decided to have Native spread the gravel from the temporary tank pad on road after the project is completed.

Wastewater Treatment Plant:

The Survey of the upper site option will be delivered Wednesday

The PNA is on hold until the survey is completed and the upper site location is shown to be a feasible option.

Energy/Mineral Impact Grant:

Mary Andre gave an overview of the Energy/Mineral Impact Grant. Mary said the maximum grant award is $1,000,000. Mary said TWSD might have an advantage because Rout County is one of the most impacted counties in the state. Mary said the wastewater treatment plant design has to be completed before the Board can apply for the grant. She said there is also a grant of $200,000 for design fees that TWSD could apply for now. Ron asked if the Grant requires a dollar match and if getting a smaller, Design fees grant now would negatively impact TSWD’s chances to receive the larger Energy/Mineral Impact Grant later. Mary explained that the grant committees are more likely to award grants to communities making efforts to complete projects and feels these grants would not negatively impact future grant attempts. Ron asked Mary to set up a conference call with Greg Winkler to explain that TWSD has identified additional needs for the tank project, and ask if TSWD could apply for the administrative grant to finalize the fire hydrants and meters.

Ron said TWSD has already spent the engineering budget for 2016. He asked Mary to get the grant applications prepared for the September deadline.

Ron asked Mary to call Greg Winkler to discuss the concerns. If TWSD doesn’t receive more money, the project will need to be halted until other funds can be acquired. CDPHE grants can be the match.

Income survey:

Jodi said she is having a difficult time getting responses from residents. Only 4 surveys had been sent in so far. Dusty Atkinson Offered to help collect the condo surveys.

Discharge Permit:

The Permit application has been submitted. TWSD is just waiting on a confirmation from the State.

Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR) – Jodi will write an update letter to the Timbers property owners

New Business:

2017 Budget: Ellen Dalton reminded the Board that the preliminary Budget would need to be presented to the public by October.

With business concluded and upon motion duly made, seconded and unanimously approved, it was

RESOLVED to adjourn the Regular Meeting the Timbers Water & Sanitation District and Board of Directors at 6:50p.m., this 8th day of August 2016.

Respectfully submitted,

Jodi Lightfoot

District Manager

Timbers Water and Sanitation District