Members Present:      The following Directors were present and acting:

  • Jodi Lightfoot, Vice President
  • Larry Ioffredo
  • Gary Osteen (absent)
  • Brock Knez
  • Mike Lomas, Chairman and President


  • Kasey O’Halloran
  • John Fitzgerald


  • Tammy Lake, CDC


Call to Order:                The Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors of Timbers Water & Sanitation District was called to order by President Lomas on September 12, 2022, at 6:00 pm, noting a quorum was present.


Consent Agenda:         The Board reviewed the regular meeting minutes, financial statements, and the AR report from August 2022. Upon motion duly made by Ms. Lightfoot and seconded by Mr. Knez, it was

RESOLVED to approve the consent agenda.


Invoices:                         Invoices for August 2022 were reviewed. Upon motion duly made by Mr. Ioffredo and seconded by Ms. Lightfoot, it was

                                                        RESOLVED to approve payment of the open invoices.


Transfer of funds from TWSD to TWSWA Enterprise:

No transfer needed.


Manager’s Updates:

In general, all is going well within the District, Tim Gibbons has not reported any issues this past month. Mr. Lomas asked Tim to share the consumption report. August was lower than July and most water is coming from McKinnis Creek. Tim has ordered the Flow Meter and set up Native Excavating to install when it arrives. Tim is getting an estimate to clear the gate access area near the installation point of this meter. Tim is in the process of flushing hydrants throughout the district.  Tim’s biggest fear is a wildfire that could contaminate McKinnis creek. He believes the Board should expand the water sources available to the District.


John Fitzgerald updated the Board that the construction project is nearing completion. The flow meter and samplers are the only outstanding items. John will contact Hach again about the flow meter and how to resolve the issues with it. A flow logger was recently purchased which communicates with the flow meter in the manhole. The pump rep from Loveland is coming to assess the issue with the low reservoirs on the pumps. The generator has been serviced and all works well.


Old and New Business:

CDC Update:

Punch List (Aslan)

  • Last remaining item: refrigerated sampler setup
  • Aslan has been trying to get a hold of someone at Hach to determine which junction box is required to hook up the refrigerated sampler (to allow for the functionality that Jacobs Engineering had intended.)
  • Once this is determined and installed by Aslan, Aslan will coordinate with Hach to have the Hach Sampler Field Service Rep come to the site to assist with setup and programming.


Influent Flowmeter (Timbers/Hach/CDC)

  • John and Tammy have been working with Hach to confirm that there is good connectivity between the FloDar (in manhole) and FL1500 (in process building) and that the FloDar is getting depth and velocity readings.  CDC felt this was an important step prior to scheduling the Hach Flowmeter Field Service Rep’s visit so that the Rep’s time will be productive and have no issues that need addressing first.
  • Mike at Hach worked with John remotely to walk John through some of the menus on the FL1500 to check some parameters.  Though the FL1500 seems to be trying to communicate with the FloDar (it appears the data cable is fine), CDC was unable to confirm that the FloDar is getting readings, so Mike recommended that John pull the FloDar and clean the sensor (he suggested the high-tech Simple Green cleaner) and then recheck.  If this doesn’t work, Mike said he could send the FloDar sensor in for a bench check/repair (this is still Hach’s current sensor unit.)  In either case, the sensor is operable and sending readings prior to setup and calibration by the Hach Rep.


Chemical Feed Pumps (Timbers/AllWater Supply/Jacobs)

  • John has been coordinating with Kip Anderson of AllWater Supply regarding the ProMinent pump utilized for Micro-C (carbon) addition and the pump skid design in general.
  • CDC looped Jason Rysavy of Jacobs Engineering back in on this matter.
  • Kip will be on site with John at 10:00 am on October 4thto take a look at the pump and skid setup and advise on potential modifications.  John has notified Jason that they would like to be able to call him from the WWTP while Kip is on site.


Record Drawings and Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manual (CDC/Jacobs)

  • CDC is awaiting Jacobs’ record drawings; once received, we will print half- and full-size sets for John.
  • CDC has received all O&M volumes from Aslan and Orenco.  (John has copies of these on site as well.)
  • CDC has one additional, plant-specific volume that is nearly complete.  They will provide this last volume to John as soon as possible.
  • Jodi and John have been planning on creating a walk-through operations video for future operators with the assistance of Roger Shafer (SCG Enterprises – Orenco rep).  We assume this will take place this fall before the cold weather hits and that Jodi and John will coordinate.


Project Closeout for SRF Loan (Timbers/CDC/CDPHE)

  • CDC’s intent is to schedule a project closeout meeting for the SRF loan as soon as the influent sampler is operational. This meeting actually has two parts – a site visit and an in-office meeting. At the in-office meeting CDC will have all required documents ready for review per CDPHE’s checklist.


Project Closeout for Timbers (Timbers/CDC/Aslan)

  • Pay application, release of retainage, final payment – all pending


Lot 1 Easement – Vitek’s are selling their lot. The Easement has not been completed that was part of the Vitek’s purchase agreement. Legal and Surveying bill could fall to the Timber’s Board if the new owner does not take on this cost. CDC gave a legal description to Ms. Sherman however Ms. Sherman is still working to get more details on this.


Water Rights –The Timbers HOA  is working with Ms. Sherman to show that water is in use on their water right.  This water right could only be used for wildfire fighting, not for municipal use. The second water right that is known to TWSD Board is municipal and Melinda is looking into it. Ms. Sherman stated that if the Spring can produce water, Timbers should utilize it. Ms. Lightfoot will continue to pursue this.


2023 Budget – Mr. Lomas, Ms. Lightfoot and Mrs. O’Halloran will meet this week to  discuss the budget further.  Mrs. O’Halloran will propose the draft 2023 budget next month.


Dropbox – Mrs. O’Halloran will create a paid business Dropbox and share it with Ms. Lightfoot.


Wildland Fire Grant – Mrs. O’Halloran looked further into a Colorado State Extension office grant and broke down what was needed for this grant application. Mr. Lomas agreed to discuss this further with Mrs. O’Halloran at a meeting later this week.


With business concluded and upon motion duly and unanimously approved, it was

RESOLVED to adjourn the regular meeting the Timbers Water & Sanitation District Board of Directors

at 7:30 pm, this 12th day of September 2022.


Respectfully submitted, Kasey O’Halloran

District Manager, Timbers Water and Sanitation District