We are very pleased with the operation of the new water treatment plant. Construction reached substantial completion in early January and since then we have been drawing water from our new well, supplementing it with water from McKinnis Creek when necessary. All water treatment has moved to the new plant and the old plant is now out of operation. The changeover from the old plant has gone very smoothly, thanks to the efforts of our Water System Operator, Tim Gibbons, and the support from CDC. Demolition of the old water treatment building, landscaping of the new site and road repairs will commence once the valley dries enough to tolerate heavy machinery – probably in early June.

We’ve had great feedback on the quality of the water since we turned on the new plant, and the most recent testing confirms we now have high quality water free of the disinfection by-products that became a concern 7 years ago and resulted in the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) requiring us to undertake this renovation of the water system.

We are planning a celebration party at the new water treatment plant once all this work is done! Watch your mail and email for an announcement and plan to come down and join us in a toast with our “new” water, tours of the new plant, and educational talks on how the system works!

excerpt from April 14, 2014 letter to District Members and Residents, read full letter here