Resolution: Tuesday, July 1st –

The leak at the townhomes was attributed to a 20,000 gal/day reduction in water loss, saving nearly half of the plant production.  The water treatment plant production prior to the leak being fixed averaged approximately 44,000 gallons/day and now is approximately 24,000 gallons/day.  It may have been leaking for a long time but had been getting worse.

This type of leak could be detected sooner with residential meters in place since the water production could be compared with the sum of residential meters to let us know that there was significant system water loss and put us on notice to be on alert  for where it may be surfacing.  If the location of a leak was not obvious, acoustic detection equipment could determine its location.

Update: Friday, June 27th, 6:00am – The leak will be fixed by mid-day today, The interruption of water service will be minimal.

Update: Thursday, June 26th 3:00pm – We have identified the issue and are working on repairing the leak.

Alert: Wednesday, June 25th 10:00am – We have found a leak in the water system where water enters one of the townhomes above Sky Valley Drive. The leak is between the curb stop and the building, and there is no way to isolate the leak without turning off the water to all the serviced units. As of today, water service to these units is continuing, but we anticipate intermittent shut offs while we isolate, identify and repair the leak.