Timbers Water and Sanitation District Public Meeting – December 11, 2017


Question proposed by resident: How will the sanitation project affect the sanitation fees that community members will have to pay when the project is complete?


Response:  The Sewer Subdistrict residents currently pay $2,062 annual for sewer services. This fee is for the maintenance and operation of the current sanitation system and has been increased in recent years to cover a portion of the engineering for the project. It is anticipated that the post-project user fees will be less than current fees for a number of reasons including:  1) user fees for the project have been increased to cover engineering fees and once the project is complete, user fees will be based on operation and maintenance costs only, 2) the project will reduce the infiltration and inflow into the system and allow for a reduced volume of treatment, 3) the proposed WWTP equipment will be more energy efficient, and 4) consolidation of water/wastewater treatment sites will reduce snow plowing needs, etc.

The sewer collection construction will begin in August. The work will include approximately 2,800 linear feet of slip-lining/cured-in-place pipe, 500 linear feet of 8-inch sewerline replacement, replacement of 4 manholes, rehabilitation/stabilization of 12 manholes, associated road restoration, and revegetation.

The sewer collection system project (which also includes some of the WWTP design and bidding costs) is being funded by grants ($517,500) and a State Revolving Fund loan ($561,225) for a total of $1,078,725.  The loan will be repaid with property taxes and the resident’s user fees will not be utilized for loan repayment.  This is a 30 year, 0% interest loan that will be paid back with property taxes. The loan payment is $18,971.74 a year.

Although the WWTP funding has not yet been secured, it is also anticipated to include a combination of grant and loan funding.  Similar to the sewer collection system loan, the WWTP loan will be funded with property taxes rather than user fees.


Thanks for your question.  Hopefully, this explanation is helpful.  We’ll be communicating project updates via our website. In addition, feel free to contact the Timbers board with any further questions.