Some of the loans and grants available to the District for funding the sanitation system project offer reduced interest rates and even principal forgiveness based on the median income of the residents of the District. To see if we might qualify for these advantageous loan terms, we wish to do an income survey of current District residents. This kind of information is sensitive, so before we carry out a survey we will ensure that your responses will be kept confidential and not traceable to you. In order to get an interpretable result we will need nearly every resident to respond, so we ask you respond promptly if we ask you to participate.

We are aware that our means of communicating with you, especially in an emergency, are rudimentary. During the spring and summer we will be building a platform, probably internet based, that will provide you ready access to routine information about the District and the services it provides and a reliable way to reach you in the event of an emergency.

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dollar-signTo fund these sanitation and water system projects, the Board has put on the May 6 ballot two issues that authorize the District to take on additional debt. The first of these, Issue 5A, authorizes the District to take on debt up to $2,000,000 for the improvements to the sanitation system. The second, Issue 5B, authorizes debt up to $500,000 for the water system projects.

These amounts are the Board’s best estimate of the maximum cost of these projects. The Board will take on only the debt necessary to complete them. Having authorization to take on this debt now will allow us to complete the projects as soon as possible and without interruption, and will strengthen our applications for funding.

Without authorization to take on this additional debt, the Board will have to pay for those projects it undertakes with fees assessed during the period the projects are undertaken. For the sanitation system alone, that could mean fees of as much as $20,000 per unit assessed over two to three years. Please see your TABOR notice for more information.

The Board has formally passed a resolution supporting approval of these Ballot Issues (attached) and urges you to vote on them.

We hope this information is helpful and welcome your questions and ideas. Our email addresses are listed below.
You are welcome to attend the Board’s regular meetings. These are held at the offices of Sharp, Steinke, Sherman and Engle at 400 Lincoln Avenue at 5:30pm on the second Monday of every month.

The Timbers Water and Sanitation District Board of Directors
Ron Krall                         Gary Osteen
Kerry Kerrigan        Brock Knez

excerpt from April 14, 2014 letter to District Members and Residents, read full letter here