Timbers Water and Sanitation District

The Timbers Water and Sanitation District is a Special District for the purpose of supplying water and wastewater services to District members. The District is overseen by a Board of Directors comprised of five Directors. The Directors are volunteers who are elected under the statutes of the State of Colorado, with staggered terms of four years.

The District must comply with strict state regulations for water supply. Regular water testing is required by the State, and an annual Water Quality Report (CCR) is sent to property owners. In 2012 the District dug a well and in 2013-2014 built a new water treatment plant with the intent to draw most of its water from the well and supplement it during periods of high use with the McKinnis Creek water. The District also replaced and repaired the fire hydrants and refurbished the water storage tank.

The District, along the State of Colorado Department of Public Health, is currently in the process of building a new state of the art sanitation system, which will replace our current forty-year-old lagoon system near Routt County Road 201.  This includes work on the main sewer lines and a new location and treatment system for the sewer treatment plant. This is required by the State of Colorado to bring our sewer system up to the current standards and allow proper permitting. We plan to have the work completed in 2021.

The District has acquired and is still seeking grants and low interest loans to help pay for the new sewer treatment facility. All lots in Timbers Preserve have septic systems and do not participate in the Timbers Sanitation System.