Members Present:      The following Directors were present and acting:

  • Jodi Lightfoot, Vice President
  • Larry Ioffredo
  • Gary Osteen
  • Brock Knez
  • Mike Lomas, Chairman and President


  • Kasey O’Halloran
  • John Fitzgerald


  • Tammy Lake, CDC
  • Melinda Sherman, Sharp, Sherman, & Engle LLC


Call to Order:                The Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors of Timbers Water & Sanitation District was called to order by President Lightfoot on June 13, 2022, at 6:03 pm, noting a quorum was present.


Consent Agenda:         The Board reviewed the regular meeting minutes, financial statements, cashflow sheet and the AR report from May 2022. Upon motion duly made by Ms. Lightfoot and seconded by Mr. Ioffredo, it was

RESOLVED to approve the consent agenda.


Invoices:                         Invoices for May 2022 were reviewed.  The Board is okay paying the Aslan invoice but not release it until the punchlist items are finally completed. Upon motion duly made by Mr. Lomas and seconded by Mr. Ioffredo, it was

                                                        RESOLVED to approve payment of the open invoices.


Transfer of funds from TWSD to TWSWA Enterprise:

$5000 transfer was requested and granted.


District Manager Update:

In general, all is going well within the District, Tim Gibbons has not reported any issues this past month. John Fitzgerald joined the meeting and updated the Board on the WWTF. John stated that the new plant is finally comping together. The issue with a chemical pump (the pump failed, repaired, installation issues) has been resolved and the pump is running smoothly now.


Old and New Business:


Update from CDC

Aslan Contracting – Aslan is planning on a site visit on June 28th to complete punch list items and will coordinate with Inpwr for the flowmeter installation and a Hach tech rep for the samplers. CDC will be coordinating with Hach field services for the technician for flowmeter setup and calibration after it is installed. John Fitzgerald will be involved with the Hach technician’s efforts and will need assistance from Duckels or another contractor for confined space entry in the manhole.


Monitoring Well Abandonment –  Still on hold, awaiting a response from CDPHE before moving forward.


O&M Manual – The contractors will bring with them when work is completed on June 28th.


Project close-out meeting – CDC will gather all required documentation and will call to schedule the project close-out meeting with CDPHE after the punch list items and flowmeter calibration are completed.


Ongoing Monitoring and DMR reporting – CDC noticed some inconsistencies in DMR reporting while reviewing CDPHE’s recent compliance advisory letter. CDC have been assisting John Fitzgerald with obtaining clarification of reporting requirements from Mark Lombardi of CDPHE and with filing corrections as necessary. CDC also are working with Roger Shafer of SCG on plant optimization and John began collecting two process

(intermediate) samples for analysis along with the monthly influent and effluent samples required per the permit. Results from the analysis of these process samples may help Roger determine what adjustments to the chemical feed rates, recirculation ratios, etc. can be made to improve treatment.


Easements Needed  – Ms. Sherman stated that easements needed were discussed at a meeting with Mr. Lomas, Ms. Lightfoot and herself this past month. Ms. Sherman is awaiting a Title Insurance Policy from the owners on Lot 1 to get the easement work completed. Additionally, easements are needed for the Dam from Lot 1 so she would like to include those needs in this easement as well so it is all inclusive. Melinda stated she knows other easements are needed for the Dam, but she suggested to wait until the design is completed to go after those easements. Melinda would like to get one legal description of what the Board needs from a surveyor and then reach out to the homeowners. Ms. Sherman has reached out directly to Walter McGill to get the legal description on the Dam. Ms. Sherman will follow up to make sure this is moving forward.


Water Rights – Ms. Sherman explained the Water Rights for the Dwight Corder Pipeline and the Timbers W and S Pipeline. She explained to the Board that the Board can’t show the amount of water utilized so the Water Rights can’t be fully understood. The Division Engineer’s would like the Board to manage/monitor the amount of water diverted.  This can be done by putting a plan together and installing a headgate. Ms. Lightfoot showed a picture of the type of headgate that would be needed. Ms. Sherman stated that the Board will be responsible for gathering/providing this information to the Division.  Ms. Lightfoot has asked that CDC cease work going forward on the monitoring device needed/location until further Board discussion is had.  Ms. Sherman and Ms. Lightfoot discussed the potential of getting water rights for the pond. There are lots of details still needed to pull together to get this set and CDC can provide most of that.


Water Meters – Tabled until further meetings.


Wildfire Mitigation – Mr. Lomas received a bid for $15000 to mitigate the trees around the WWTF. He proposed this quote to the Board and asked their opinions. The Board is okay going forward with further research into this project. Reserves would have to pay for this work.


With business concluded and upon motion duly and unanimously approved, it was

RESOLVED to adjourn the regular meeting the Timbers Water & Sanitation District Board of Directors

at 7:58 pm, this 13th day of June 2022.


Respectfully submitted, Kasey O’Halloran

District Manager, Timbers Water and Sanitation District