Joint TWSD/TWSWAE Consent Agenda

  1. Minutes and Financial reports
  2. Motion: to approve Minutes and financials


  1. Approval of invoices – Ellen Dalton
  2. Transfer of funds to Enterprise
  3. Old Business
    a. Election Results – Ellen
    b. Project Coordinator Report
          i. Motion: to approve purchase of website domains “TimbersWSD” .org, .net, .com; the Deluxe web hosting on; and the website development using WordPress at $375.
    c. Fees collected from owners of unimproved properties – progress report – Ellen
    d. Sanitation System – Mary Andre
  4. New Business
  5. Adjourn


  1. Approval of Invoices – Ellen Dalton
  2. Old Business
    a. Water Treatment Plant
    b. “Small Water Projects” – Mary Andre/Ron
          i. CDC Proposal for Project Management – Mary Andre
               1. Motion: to approve contract with CDC
          ii. Water Tank
          iii. Fire Hydrants
               1. Motion: to progress Fire Hydrant replacement and renovation project, pending funding
          iv. Water Meters – Ron/Mary Andre
               1. Motion: to progress water meter project to cost estimation
    c. Funding Options for “Small” Water Projects – Mary Andre/Ron
  3. New Business
  4. Adjourn

     4.5 Disconnection for Nonpayment of Charges. Whenever any fee, rate, assessment, sum, charge, penalties or interest of the District assessed or charged to or against any Customer for a building, whether for water or sewer service or both, shall be delinquent for more than 3 months after the billing therefore, then the President or Manager of the District shall mail by certified mail to the Customer, and an officer, director, Manager, agent or employee of the District shall post or cause to be posted on a conspicuous place on the building of such Customer to which such service was made, a notice from the District in the form attached to these Rules and Regulations as Exhibit "B" and stating (a) the amounts billed but unpaid to the District, (b) the intent of the District to terminate and discontinue water service and/or sever service to the real property of the Customer and all of the buildings thereon, and (c)directing that the Customer shall appear at the next regular or special meeting of the Board (specifying the time and place of such meeting) to show cause why water service and/or sewer service should not be terminated to such real property and all buildings thereon. Such notice shall be 80 mailed and posted at least 7 days prior to the meeting date referred to in such notice. At such meeting, such Customer and any other interested person may present evidence and argument and may cross-examine witnesses. The Board shall then determine at such meeting whether or not to terminate water service and/or Sewer service to such real property and all buildings thereon and shall set a date and time certain for the termination of such water service, and/or sewer service, and at or after such date and time, the District may cause water service and/or sewer service to be terminated and discontinued to such real property and all buildings thereon without further notice, unless all unpaid sums due to the District from the Customer are paid in full at or prior to such termination. Failure of the Customer or any person having any interest in the real property or buildings to appear at such meeting shall conclusively be deemed a waiver by such person or entity of any rights to a hearing and a consent to termination and discontinuance of water service and/or sewer service without further notice.
      4.6 Cash Deposit. The District may, at its discretion, require any Customer to provide the District with a cash deposit to assure timely payment of Charges, rates, tolls, assessments, fees and interest as the same accrue, not to exceed two quarters of service -charges for both sewer and water service.