The meeting was called to order at 5:39 PM.


Board Members: Ron Krall, Ash Lesniak, Brock Knez, Kerry Kerrigan

District Manager: Wayne Eads

Guests: Sue Kerrigan, Mike Wolverton, and Diane Ritschard

  • Ellen Dalton was absent due to family emergency.

                     o   May meeting minutes, June financials were not reviewed or approved.

                     o   No invoices were approved for payment

                     o   No funds were transferred to the Enterprise.

  • The Minutes of the Catamount Metropolitan District Meeting (attached) were reviewed and the board discussed possibilities of making the TWSD and Enterprise minutes more explanatory to better inform the Water District Members of the Board deliberations.
  • Fees paid by owners of unimproved lots

                   o   7 Settlements have been signed and returned to the Board.

                   o   Mike Wolverton attended the meeting to request additional time to sign the settlement.

  • Ron Krall explained the intent of the fees to ensure equity between owners of improved and unimproved lots.
  • Ron Krall agreed to send information to Mike highlighting the rules and regulations regarding fees.
  • Board requested that Mike submit a formal letter to the board explaining his position and what he is requesting in the settlement.
  • Small Water Projects

                  o   May 19, 2014 email ballot approved to contract with CDC for small water projects.

  • Will initiate first phase of Fire Hydrant project and Water Meter project week of June 10
  • Mary will speak with Jim to get cost difference between replacement of 3 or 5 hydrants

                  o   Board discussed the option of obtaining a state loan to fund the small water projects and how to fund the required 25% cost of projects.

  • Project Coordinator Report – nothing to report
  • Sanitation System – Mary Andre

                  o   Mary reviewed the new survey map of sanitation ponds that outlined property lines and easements of Lot 7 & Lot 8.

                  o   The road and one monitoring well are outside the easement. Board discussed ways to resolve this discrepancy.

  • Mary will ask Willie Whelan to document process of identifying lot lines and easements.
  • Lagoon Overtopping

                 o   John Fitzgerald, the plant operator, is monitoring and will follow up with Andy Poirot with the Colorado Dept of Health.

  • Water Treatment Plant – Mary Andre

                o   New Plant Project

  • Duckels to demolish old plant and complete landscaping week of June 2nd
  • Mary will talk to Terry in regards to road repair needs and responsibilities as part of the water treatment plant project.
  • Randy Hurly will install new door hardware for the water tank week of June 2nd

               o   Well Water Rights: Melinda needs to pursuing the filing for water rights for the well

               o   Well Permit: Michael Arian following up on the outstanding condition on the well permit

               o   Celebration Party: Kerry Kerrigan will organize celebration even at the new plant July 20th

  • Meeting Adjourned 7:22 PM