1.  Call to Order: the meeting was called to order by Ron Krall at 5:36 p.m. Board members in attendance were Ron Krall (RK), Gary Osteen (GO), Kerry Kerrigan (KK) and Brock Knez (BK). Also present was Wayne Eads, Susan Kerrigan, Ashley Lesniak, Jodi Lightfoot, Mary Andre, and Ellen Dalton.

2.  KK moved to approve the minutes from the March 10, 2014 meeting. BK seconded. Unanimous.

3.  KK moved to approve the March 2014 financials. BK seconded. Unanimous. BK moved to approve invoices to be paid. KK seconded. Unanimous. BK moved to transfer $35,000 to TWSWAE for payment of CDC invoices and the remaining balance of Duckels pay request #8 after the exhaustion of all loan and grant funding for the water treatment plant. KK seconded. Unanimous.

4.  Old Business:

  • Two members of the District have expressed interest in the open board seat. Qualifications will be discussed and one will be appointed at an executive board meeting following.
  • District members in arrears for fees billed were discussed. Melinda Sherman has taken the appropriate measures for the account in foreclosure. A payment was made to the other delinquent account for 2013 fees.
  • RK stated a board resolution in support of Ballot measures 5A and 5B had been prepared and could be helpful to clarify the necessity of the water and sanitation repairs to the District members and voters. KK moved to approve such resolution and prepare a letter to be mailed to all District members and voters. GO seconded. Unanimous.
  • Project Coordinator applicants were discussed. KK moved to approve the contract with Kelly Metzler to begin working on these projects at a rate of $25.00 per hour. BK seconded. Unanimous.
  • Mary Andre reported that the polishing pond had overflowed. A report is being filed with CDPHE. The sanitation system was discussed.
  • RK and Mary Andre will be meeting with Leroy Cruz to discuss funding options available to the District for improvements.

5.  New Business:

  • None

6. Motion to adjourn meeting made by KK, seconded by BK. Unanimous. Meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m. Next meeting is May 12, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. at the offices of Sharp, Steinke, Sherman and Engle LLC located at 401 Lincoln Ave, Steamboat Springs, CO.