While we have a new water treatment plant and a new well, other parts of our water system demand attention.

Many of our 20-30 fire hydrants are in need of repair or replacement. All are currently functioning, but 3-5 have anĀ outdated valve style and a number of others need their valves serviced so they shut properly.

The water distribution lines need to be inspected to try to identify any segments that are at risk for leaks.

The Board believes we should install water meters at the major buildings and the individual homes in order to be able to identify water leaks and to monitor usage and enable and encourage conservation.

The water storage tank needs repairs to its overflow pipe and general refurbishment and repainting. This is a somewhat larger project as it requires us to bring in temporary water storage for approximately one month.

The Districts maps of facilities are dated. This summer we intend to map the water distribution lines, fire hydrants, sampling points and curb stops; and the sewage collection lines and manholes. As part of this project we will mark, and raise to ground level where necessary, all curb stops so that we can rapidly turn off water to an individual property if necessary.

The Board currently plans to undertake the fire hydrant repairs and replacements and the installation of water meters this summer, and the survey of the water distribution lines and water tank repairs and repainting in 2015.

excerpt from April 14, 2014 letter to District Members and Residents, read full letter here